This Simple Elementary Math Problem Is Stumping The Internet. It’s Too Hard To Find The Right Answer.

Even essentially the most primary math issues can show to be a bit tough! That undoubtedly holds true with this seemingly easy downside – regardless of its straightforward look, a majority of adults can’t get it appropriate on the primary strive.



Have you ever acquired your individual reply?


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Right here is the suitable reply!


Divide Three by 1/3, which supplies you 9. Then transfer onto the subtraction portion of the issue – subtract 9 from 9, which then provides you 0. Lastly, add 1 and your whole sum is 1.



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Wrap your head round this math downside: 7 + 7 ÷ 7 + 7 x 7 – 7 = ?

Are you able to provide you with the reply? In the event you can’t, perhaps the elementary scholar in your life can assist.

Assume you solved it? The reply is under.







It’s primary math at its best. You would possibly suppose the reply is 56, however it’s important to comply with the order of operations, which I used to be taught is PEDMAS and means it’s worthwhile to do the next operations on this order: parenthesis, exponents, division, multiplication, addition, subtraction.

Following these guidelines, you should divide and multiply first, making the equation appear like this:

7 + 1 + 49 – 7 = ?

Carry on going and seven + 1 + 49 – 7 = ?

turns into 7 + 1 + 49 – 7 = 50.

Have been you stumped?



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