An Old Lady Has a Birthday Party

An previous half-blind woman by the title of Josephine was turning 91 years previous….. and determined to throw a birthday celebration collectively together with her three devoted sons. After her husband d..i.ed, her sons had been all she had.

Since they had been little, the three sons have been actual mothers’ boys, and so they have all the time tried to outdo themselves when it got here to giving birthday presents to their mom.

This yr, they’d determined that they’d all do their greatest to win their mom’s favor.

The primary son purchased a grand mansion for her, considering that this was the very best reward for an previous woman.

The second son purchased an opulent white Mercedes with an accompanying private driver for her, considering that this may undoubtedly make him his mom’s favourite.

The third son had to consider one thing that might beat the opposite brothers’ presents, so he purchased a uncommon parrot that he educated to recite the entire Bible by coronary heart. You might ask him for any verse from the holy guide and he would recite it phrase for phrase. The third son was very blissful together with his personal reward.

After the get together, Josephine referred to as her sons. To the primary one she mentioned

“My dear son, the mansion is lovely, but it’s just way too big for me. I just need one room, and there’s way too much space here for me to clean. I don’t need the house, but thank you all the same!”

Then she referred to as the second son: “My dear son, the car is quite nice, but I can’t drive by myself due to my bad eyesight and I don’t like the personal driver, so please be a dear and return the car.”

Lastly she referred to as the third son:“My dear son, I would like to thank you for your most considerate gift! The chicken was delicious!”


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