Can You Select Any 3 Watermelons To Get A Sum Of 30?

Query: Can you choose any three watermelons to get a sum of 30?

Did you do it? In case you struggled, don’t fear, we’ve got the answer for you, proper under.






Preserve scrolling down.






Reply: 13, 11 & 6 is the reply

(Put the watermelon with ‘9’ the wrong way up to get ‘6’)


How Many 7s Are There In The Image?

If you’re proud in your treasured eyes, take this take a look at.

All it’s essential do is depend and inform what number of 7 do you see?

Rigorously have a look at the picture after which give your reply.

Scroll down for the reply.








You may have tried already now see the reply and match the sharpness of your mind. The reply will probably be 7. There are seven ”7” on this puzzle image. For being away from your reply you retain your eyes on the image.


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