Can You Solve the Shoe Store Logic Puzzle?

Right here’s the Puzzle

A person buys a $10 pair of footwear with a $20 invoice.

The shop proprietor doesn’t have any change, so he goes subsequent door to the barber to get change from him.

The shop proprietor returns to his retailer and offers the person $10 change and his new pair of footwear.

The barber later tells the shop proprietor that the $20 he made change for was counterfeit.

To make up for it, the shop proprietor provides the barber an actual $20 invoice.

The pair of footwear price the shop proprietor $5.

How a lot did the shop proprietor lose after the entire affair?

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Right here’s the Reply: The shop proprietor misplaced $15 in the entire debacle.

As a result of the counterfeit $20 has no worth, the shoe retailer proprietor gained $20 when he received change from the barber.

When he then gave the pair of footwear (which prices him $5) and $10 change to the person, he misplaced $15.

At this level, the proprietor nonetheless has a internet acquire of $5.

When he pays the barber an actual $20 invoice to make up for the counterfeit one he gave him earlier, the shop proprietor then lands at a lack of $15 complete.

Poor man.


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