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(48 / 2) * (9 + 3) =?

The Reply is: (48 / 2) * (9 + 3) = 288


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A person died, when he realized it, he noticed God coming nearer with a suitcase in his hand.

– God mentioned: Alright son its time to go.

– Stunned the person responded: Now? So quickly? I had quite a lot of plans…

– I’m sorry however its time to go.

– What do you could have in that suitcase? the person requested.

– God answered: Your belongings.

– My belongings? you imply my issues, my garments, my cash?

– God answered: These issues weren’t yours, they belonged to the earth.

– Is it my recollections? the person requested.

– God answered: these by no means belonged to you they belonged to Time

– Is it my skills?

– God answered: these have been by no means yours, they belonged to the circumstances.

– Is it my family and friends?

– God answered: I’m sorry they have been by no means yours, they belonged to the trail.

– Is it my spouse and son?

– God answered: They have been by no means yours, they belonged to your coronary heart.

– Is it my physique?

– God answered: that was by no means yours, it belonged to the mud.

– Is it my soul?

God answered: No that’s mine.

Stuffed with concern, the person took the suitcase from god and opened it simply to search out out the suitcase was empty.

– With a tear coming down his cheek the person mentioned: I by no means had something???

– God answered: that’s appropriate, each second you lived have been just for yours. You by no means lived for any individual who is just not associated to u in any manner.


Do one thing for different individuals who can’t return the favor again to you. Life is only a second. A second that belongs to you.

– Dwell Now

– Dwell your life

– Don’t overlook to be comfortable and make others comfortable, as that’s the solely factor that issues.

– Materials issues and the whole lot else that you simply fought for staying right here.


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