Child Logic.

So a child goes by way of his mom’s purse and takes out her driving license.

His mom catches him studying it and mildly scolds him. The child says “but i learned so much about you from it!”

“Well, OK, what did you learn about me?”

“Well… I know your age now.”

“And what is that?”, says his mom.

“You’re old”, says the child.

“And I learned your height.”

“Which is?”

“You’re really tall.”

“Well, yes, I am tall for a woman.”

“And I learned your weight”, he says.

“And what is that?”, asks the mom.

“A lot for a woman your height.”

The mom sighs and says “Well, that’s not nice, but I can’t argue that.”

“And,” the child says, “I know why dad divorced you.”

“Huh? What?! How on earth did you get that from a driver’s license?”

“Because you got an F in s*x!”


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