How Many Apples Were Originally In The Bag?

Check your logical abilities with this riddle.

John purchased a bag of apples on Monday, and ate a 3rd of them.

On Tuesday he ate half of the remaining apples.

On Wednesday he seemed within the bag & discovered solely two apples.

What number of apples have been initially within the bag?



Reply: 6 Apples.

Rationalization: He had 6 apples to start out with, and ate 2 the primary day and a couple of the second day.


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Are you able to deal with the problem?

What’s throwing many individuals trying this puzzle is which calculation to do first. You need to think about the parentheses, multiplication, division and all the pieces else.

I’ve to confess I struggled with this puzzle once I first noticed it, nevertheless it was so apparent as soon as I noticed easy methods to do it within the video beneath.


It appears I’m not alone in tearing my hair out over this puzzle. The reply is easy – when you know-how.

I bought it mistaken however I loved the mathematics refresher and it took me again to my college days.

What do you suppose is the reply? There’s a rule concerned in fixing this puzzle that many people have forgotten in the case of math.

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Are you prepared for the reply?

Scroll down.












16 – 4 / (1/4) + 2

= 16 – Four x 4 + 2

= 16 – 16 + 2

= 0 + 2

= 2

Right reply is 2



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