How Many Girls Are There In This Photo?

The web loves a superb mind teaser, whether or not it’s an optical phantasm, a riddle, or a puzzle. Right here’s the most recent one which’s acquired folks scratching their heads:

What number of women are on this picture? (and by that we imply, actual women, not reflections)

The mind-boggling picture has gone viral because it was posted on Instagram by Swiss photographer Tiziana Vergari final week.

This creates an optical phantasm, making it tough to inform precisely what number of women are within the picture.

The optical phantasm has been shared 1000’s of occasions as web customers debate what number of women seem within the picture.

Folks have argued {that a} collection of mirrors makes it appear that there are extra folks within the image than there really are.

The picture, which has been favored 14,400 occasions, was initially posted by Ms Vergari as a part of an Instagram weekend hashtag undertaking.

One other wrote: “There’s clearly four. Look at how the reflections are. If you see their face, the mirror shows the back of their head. If you see the back of the head, the mirror shows the face. The girls just look similar.”

Ms Vergari confirmed there are literally solely two women within the picture, who’re believed to be her daughters.

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