Only 5% Can Solve This Teapot Capacity Visual Puzzle. Are You One Of Them?

Within the image given within the riddle you will notice 2 teapots A & B.

If teapot A holds 32 cups of tea, about what number of cups of tea does teapot B maintain?

So had been you capable of resolve the riddle? Depart your solutions within the remark part under.

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Reply: 16 cups tea (about half of pot A).


The quantity of tea that may be saved inside every pot is decided by the peak of the spout opening. The tea degree can not rise above the spout opening since any additional tea would merely spill out from the spout.

Visible estimate would conclude that the spout of teapot B is roughly half the peak of that of teapot A, due to this fact offering solely half of the capability, or 16 cups tea.

As proven within the image under:


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