Only people with eagle eyes can find 3/4 in under 30 seconds, can you?

The next puzzle focuses on numbers rather than letters. Fractions, in actual fact. As you’ll see, there are a bunch of 1/Four fractions within the field.

Someplace within the midst of all of them is a 3/Four hiding. Only one. Can you discover it in below 10 seconds?

Wow, It’s not straightforward, take your time.

Can you discover it?

Bellow is the reply, verify it!


Attempt to discover the odd one out in different pictur?

1. Within the image under, you’ll see a sq. filled with O’s. Lurking amongst them is a small variety of Q’s. Your job is to seek out these imposters – all of them – in below ten seconds.

2. Can you discover the open lock



  1. There are 9 Q
  2. Line 4, column 5


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